I have forgotten my PCI password

Visit our Hotel Service Portal: hotelservice.hrs.com and log in with your HRS login data. Click on “Booking Overview” and “Security account”. Now click the link “Forgotten your password?” and enter the e-mail address for which the user was created and click “reset password”. You will now receive an e-mail to your inbox. Click on “Reset password” to confirm your security question. Afterwards you can create a new password. For more information read our User Manual Guide & FAQs for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). (Link Handbuch)

How can I adjust the settings to only receive guaranteed bookings with credit cards?

For this purpose, you have to enter the so-called trade fair rate. Login the HRS Hotel Service Portal with your login data. Click "HSA - Hotel Self Administration" and "Rates and Availabilities". Click on the rates in the calendar you would like to change, and select the date (dates) you would like to change the prices for. Change the rate type to TRADE FAIR RATE in the top of the window. ATTENTION: If you have already entered blocked dates, please retain the "keep existing close out dates in this period" box. Please select the valid dates and the possible arrival days and define the minimum stay duration (bookable for single nights or minimum stay of XXX nights).

How can I access my booking overview or find and work on an existing booking?

Login the HRS Hotel Service Portal with your login data. You can review any reservation for your hotel in the “Booking overview” on the Hotel Service Portal. Here, you also have the possibility to amend reservations and view credit card details and other information. After logging on to the Hotel Service Portal (www.hrs.de/hotelservice), please click on “Booking overview” in the menu-bar. Please proceed to “Your bookings at a glance” and search for the reservation by booking-/process number, arrival date or booking date. After the arrival day has passed, you have the possibility to amend or cancel reservations. Right next to the booking you will see a pencil- and a trashbin-symbol: By clicking on the pencil symbol you can view the details of the reservation and amend or cancel - for example - breakfast or single nights. Please use the trash-bin symbol to mark cancellations or no show-bookings.

How can I update rates and availability?

Our step by step guide shows you how to update rates and availability in the Hotel Self-Administration (HSA)