Breakfast-inclusive room rates are indispensable to travelers - and therefore also to hotels

For many business travelers, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For hoteliers, it's an important, and perhaps the simplest, lever to generate greater revenue. Yet, there are still hotel properties that overlook inclusive rates and, in doing so, they shut the door on an important segment of the market and an opportunity to grow margins.

Some like it sweet, others like it savory, and others opt for a bit of both in the quest for a balanced breakfast. However, guests like it, data from a recent HRS survey found that 82% of business travelers opt to use a hotel's breakfast menu frequently.

The survey also found that more than 78% of business travelers generally only search for hotels that offer breakfast-inclusive room rates. But it's not just the guests surveyed by HRS who point to the desire for breakfast to come standard with their rates. According to HRS internal data, 90% of global corporations that work with HRS to source negotiated rates require that breakfast be included for their travelers.


More than 78% of business travelers are looking for hotels with room rates that include breakfast.

(HRS Survey | August 2019)


This suggests that hotels that want to be able to attract high-value business travelers need to consider breakfast-inclusive rates as part of their revenue management strategy. Furtermore, 90% percent of global corporations that use HRS to negotiate rates with hotels for their travel program opt for a rate including breakfast - the numbers are obvious.

The implementation is quite easy, whereas the effect is great. The hotels with room rates including breakfast not only catch the eye of large corporations, they also provide more planning security. If hoteliers already see on the booking confirmation that the guest will take a breakfast, they can plan accordingly and calculate better. In the long term, this also has a positive effect on the price of breakfast, so hotels can offer cheaper rates including breakfast. This tastes the guests - and thus the hotels.

Advantages for a room rate including breakfast:

  • Secure business traveler bookings: A survey by the University of St. Gallen found that "breakfast included" is one of the most important booking criteria for business travelers, just behind free Wi-Fi. The experts interviewed 5,000 regular business travelers.
  • Get in the way of business: 90 percent of global corporations that use HRS to negotiate rates with hotels for their travel program opt for a rate including breakfast. The reason is simple: Business travelers and travel planners want to keep planning security in mind when booking and their budget. This also applies to hotels with which they have not negotiated a fixed rate.
  • You get planning security, if you offer your guest an overnight stay including breakfast. So you see with the booking confirmation that the guest will have breakfast and can calculate better. This can also have a positive effect on the price of breakfast and you can score points with your guests.
  • Increase your revenue: Most guests are willing to pay a little more for value for money - right at the time of booking. A rate that includes breakfast is therefore well-suited to drive conversions.

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