Boost your bottom line with the HRS Corporate Club Rate

Hotels need to stay profitable all year round. Corporate customers are the bread and butter of most hotels’ bottom line. If you are a small to medium-sized, independent property, we can help you capture those valuable clients!

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Developing corporate clients can be tedious and time consuming. Companies are often outsourcing their hotel procurement. Savvy hoteliers need to streamline their approach to win corporate contracts. HRS utilizes their Corporate Club Rate to match your property with over 3,000 global corporations, e.g. Google, Siemens, SAP, China Mobile, Toyota, Pfizer, Alibaba and Panasonic. Let HRS make the connections for you.

Getting started

Simply initiate the process with a Corporate Club Rate (CCR). Hoteliers can create a package that includes a corporate rate, typically 20 percent lower than the standard rate. Optionally, you can add on some incentives e.g. free Wi-Fi, free parking, free breakfast, flexible check in etc. for an edge over the competition. Your CCR will then be distributed to business travellers via HRS’ vast network of public and corporate apps, and online travel agencies with GDS. Companies’ criteria are price, location, category, capacity, and equipment of the property. Keep these in mind when setting the rate. The Corporate Club Rate is a tariff for a fixed period of two years. HRS proactively matches a corporation’s needs and requirements with the suitable hotel portfolio.

HRS Corporate Club Rate advantages

Make HRS work for you Save your time, effort and expensive corporate client searches with this win-win situation for B2B! This is a huge bonus for small, independent properties. HRS hotel experts guide you in defining a corporate rate and provide advice that will increase your ability to win RFPs.

Enjoy exclusive corporate connections
HRS gives you access to 3,000 multi-national companies, as well as thousands of small to medium-sized businesses. HRS opens the door for you!

Offering a CCR to business travellers indicates you are interested in their respective companies for the long-term. Once you have secured a satisfied client, their loyalty will pay off exponentially for those HRS-acquired corporate customers.

HRS CCR is a fixed tariff offered to all corporate customers in the closed Corporate Customer area on the HRS website and on Prosper from being one of a selected group of HRS hotels targeting this lucrative market.

Your property can benefit even without a CCR when HRS has identified a company searching in your area. HRS will inquire with you to create a competitive CCR.

Increase your visibility and ranking
Highlighting your CCR on HRS portals increases your hotel’s visibility which creates a high conversion rate in bookings. A competitive and enticing CCR enables your property to move up in the HRS rankings. Even small to medium-sized, independent properties benefit from an alluring CCR which allows them to stand out amidst the competition.

Boost your bottom line
HRS creates the connections for your hotel to match with corporations which in turn, increases room nights. In addition, when your property is booked with the CCR the commission you pay is lower. Incrementally, your hotel will experience a new, steady flow of revenue that was previously inaccessible. Take advantage of this new HRS marketing strategy and reap the rewards!


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