At a glance: What is HRS Marketplace?

HRS Marketplace brings hotels and business travellers together. Get connected

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Think of it as a matchmaking service. Though one with a business rather than a romantic intent. A service where hotels are matched with valuable corporate customers and where hotel supply matches corporate demand.

Essentially, HRS Marketplace acts as the matchmaker between hotels and the corporate customer, acting as a global hotel solutions provider bringing hotels and multinational corporations together.

With its easy-to-use platform, selected hotels can connect with corporate travel managers all over the world, be recommended to multinational corporations and become part of their travel programme. And all at the lowest distribution cost.


HRS Marketplace offers recommendations for target rates

Business travellers are clearly hotels’ most valued guests. However, negotiations between travel managers and hotels can cost time and money. Rate negotiations are therefore increasingly being outsourced to experts such as HRS, who can take over the negotiating work.
When a hotel signs up to HRS Marketplace it receives recommendations for target rates to increase the chance of winning a bid. Using this guidance, hotels can submit “blind” bids, offering special rates targeted at local companies. If a company accepts a hotel’s offer then the hotel will become an approved contract hotel for that company and benefit from direct preference across all customer booking channels for potential incremental business.

Hotels that are accepted in one or more company RFPs will receive an additional success-based fee, which applies as long as the customer continues to use the hotel. Thus hotels can gain incremental business at the lowest distribution cost in the industry.

HRS Marketplace – professional advice and competitive analysis

An added bonus of HRS Marketplace is the professional advice it provides, as well as the valuable insights from market intelligence reports and competitive analysis. This knowhow enables hotel managers to learn precisely how to attract corporate clients. “We’ve got a feeling now for what corporate clients really need,” said Kay-Christian Dubbert, vice director at Legere Hotel, Bielefeld.

HRS Marketplace: end to end lodging solutions for enterprise customers

HRS evolved from a local online travel agency in Germany over 40 years’ ago and it still has a strong local presence in Germany. As outsourcing hotel procurement by corporates becomes a global trend, HRS now provides end to end lodging solutions for enterprise customers in 50 markets, boasting more than 500 hotel-facing staff on the ground and serving global customers like Daimler, Google, Airbus, Allianz and Siemens. 40 percent of the world’s 100 largest corporate brands work with HRS.
Hotel partners that participate in HRS’s sourcing solutions gain access to incremental business from top international customers in over 1,000 destinations in over 100 countries.

HRS services include:

• Sourcing: strategic hotel procurement
• Rate loading: channel-wide loading of negotiated rates
• Rate protector: automated rate audit tool to check availability, bookability, and rate accuracy
• Search & book: versatile booking options – online, mobile, and offline
• Traveller services: intelligent traveller services e.g. mobile check-in and check-out
• Payment solutions: central billing and paperless travel
• Expense management: automated processing of booking/invoices, VAT reclaims
• Smart data: analysis of travel behavior and assessment of savings potential


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