Get better turnover with HRS Marketplace

How Platinum Palace Apartments in the beautiful Polish city of Poznań used HRS to gain companies as clients.

Text: Vicki Sussens // Fotos: Platinum Palace Hotels

The Platinum Palace hotel chain has always had repeat guests for its luxurious residences in two of Poland’s most beautiful cities, Poznań and Wrocław. Hotel Wrocław is a splendid Chateau, which, when it was built in 1906, was unequalled in the city. The palatial hotel not only offers historical ambience, but also fine cuisine, and a spa and wellness area. The neo-classical Platinum Palace Residence in Poznań was also once a fine private villa. The hotel chain’s focus on comfort, attention to detail and making guests feel at home extends to its Platinum Palace Apartments, just a walk away from Poznań’s renaissance Old Town.

HRS Marketplace: room for improvement

But missing from the Platinum Palace guest lists were companies. The small hotel chain had difficulties accessing large corporations. “Most of these clients are now using online platforms to choose their hotels rather than making direct contact,” says Natalia Relich, Platinum Palace Apartment Manager. That’s where HRS Marketplace came in.

Opportunity to access businesses

When a HRS representative invited Platinum Palace Apartments to join HRS Marketplace in 2017, the decision to join was quickly made. HRS proposes HRS Marketplace participating hotels to its corporate customers as a possible supplement to their hotel programme. And indeed, after just one month, Platinum Palace Apartments won their first corporate customer, a large automotive company. “The company invited us to a comprehensive tender,” says Natalia Relich, who learned that corporate clients need much more information than usually requested by private guests. For example, they asked questions to do with the availability of WiFi, a car park, airport transfers and transfers to their offices. They were also concerned about security issues, such as fire safety, and whether or not there are fire sprinklers or visual alarms.

More corporate room nights for Platinum Palace

“Participation in the tender initially seemed time-consuming due to the amount of information involved, but it paid off, making the hotel’s USP’s much more transparent. And it makes negotiations, for which neither hotels nor corporate travel managers have time, much more flexible,” says Natalia Relich, who is responsible for the implementation of the Marketplace at Platinum Palace Apartments. “We sent out detailed information about our services and prices, upon which we individually negotiated rates that were beneficial for both the company and the hotel. A growing group of new corporate clients has been choosing the Platinum Palace Apartments. The Platinum Palace Apartments now enjoy an 86% approval rating on the List. And because the results have been so convincing, Platinum Palace added its other two hotels to the HRS Marketplace in 2019.


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