On the move – transportation alternatives for your guests

A long day, a long flight, lines, baggage … when you reach your destination all that counts is getting to your hotel. This is every business traveler’s first priority, so how can your property help? Safe and efficient transportation is crucial. Consult your local tourism and transportation offices for ideas, brochures and suggested apps. Hoteliers can make getting around town easy – and fun!

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Airport transfer: First and foremost, your guests will be relieved to learn that your property offers a free airport shuttle. Aside from a private limousine, this is the gold standard! Include this shuttle information, pickup location and availability on your website. If your property does not provide a shuttle, make sure you offer alternative transportation options. List recommended links: airport shuttle companies, buses, light rail or subway, limousine services, taxis, Uber, Lyft etc. on your site. This information also helps those traveling by train. As always: the more information the better!

Car sharing services allow visitors to rent a vehicle and pay by the minute without waiting endlessly at car rental counters. Just sign up on the respective app, e.g. Zipcar, SHARENOW, Getaround. Car sharing companies conveniently place vehicles at the airport and in urban areas. These efficient, short-term rentals allow travelers to get from the airport to your property, or to make a quick jaunt across town.

Public transportation

Typically, the transportation authorities in most European cities offer single-day, multi-mode passes for the bus, tram, subway, light rail and e-bikes. Does your city promote these convenient services to travelers? Assist your guest with efficient planning by providing information on your website, noting public transportation modes, fares, maps and timetables. Your front desk and concierge staff are there to personalize this service. Using public transportation is easy, affordable and reduces the carbon footprint! Provide maps with key sites (e.g. public transport stations, the conference center, favorite restaurants etc.) for your visitors to follow once stepping out of your hotel door.

How about some fun?

The best of both worlds is when you combine the practical with local fun modes of transport. Does your city have unique ways to get around? Think cable cars in San Francisco, e-scooters in Denver, water taxis in Tampa, bikes in Amsterdam, urban gondolas in Ankara, tuk-tuks in Bangkok, mototaxis in Sao Paolo, cyclos in Hanoi, etc. They all allow business travelers to get where they need to go while providing local flavor. Have bicycles, helmets and maps ready for the adventurous road warriors. If your guest is not a native speaker, your front desk staff or concierge can write addresses and contacts for the destination in the local language (e.g. Cantonese) to avoid confusion.


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