The future belongs to networked business travel

A whitepaper on the findings of the HRS Corporate Lodging Forum 2019 ”Connect“

Text: Tobias Ragge,  FOTOS: HRS

Can you imagine a world in which all travel service providers are connected together? A world that would enable you to not only offer your employees a better travel experience, but also to receive the important data needed to create a more transparent travel program?

If this idea is ever going to go from fantasy to reality, a network must be created in the travel segment where all digital borders dovetail with one another — a network with both horizontal and vertical connections thatis capable of generating benefits on every level, across every travel category.

Dirk Gerdom, long-serving president of the German Business Travel Association, VDR agrees that it‘s time for this to happen: “Travel management’s success is becoming increasingly dependent on seamless processes, data transparency, demand management and predictive analytics – as well as cross-departmental optimization measures. The relevance of interfaces is constantly growing, whether they are internal ones to other departments, or interfaces to external partners.”

For this reason, HRS Group chose “Connect” as the theme of the 2019 Corporate Lodging Forum. The key question being asked at the conference was: What are the inherent challenges and expectations in the envisioned network of the business travel world? Internal and external, political and economic, technological and human alike.

This whitepaper provides a summary of the key content that emerged from this year‘s CLF in Berlin. Have any questions, or looking to have a more in-depth discussion? Then please contact me or one of my colleagues.

Tobias Ragge

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