What HRS can do for you

More multinational corporations are outsourcing their hotel procurement to us. We create one seamless, efficient workflow that covers all processes – before, throughout and after – a business trip. As an HRS Hotel Partner, you get exclusive access to this lucrative group of corporate clients.

Make more profit from corporate clients
New corporate booking processes. Faster tech. Specialised rates. You could sit back and let the competitors keep pace with industry changes. Or rethink your approach. And reach out to corporate clients to boost your business.



Winning corporate business

… was easier in the days when business travellers booked their rooms by telephone or via the company travel agency. Now everyone is glued to their computers, androids and smartphones. Looking for the best deals and booking them directly online. Companies are striving for more efficiency and transparency in travel management and even including digital booking processes as part of their corporate travel policies. You’re either online, or overlooked.

Make HRS your partner for global reach

As a global hotel-solutions-provider HRS has a network of all the corporate online booking systems that extends your reach to multinational corporate clients worldwide. Our range of additional services ensure you stand out from the competition for all the right reasons. Get set up and open the channels to a world of business travellers. (That’s how our Hotel Partners get more bookings.))

Make our network your network

Negotiating rates is a time-trap

… and ties up valuable resources. Corporate travel managers are looking for solutions that reduce annual negotiations for their block bookings with the most suitable hotels. And they want solutions that outsource all related processes.

Let HRS Intelligent Sourcing connect you to corporations

HRS reviews the compatibility of hotels and corporations to find the perfect business-travel-match, based on the corporate requirements and hotel’s services. Corporate travel managers get to know new hotels that they otherwise overlook. And you get connected with new companies for the potential to make an outstanding first-impression that gets you repeat bookings at the lowest distribution cost available. 

Get intelligently connected with corporate clients.

Either negotiating rates is getting more complex

… or negotiating rates. Is getting more complex. Corporate travel managers are (also) faced with extreme cut backs and cost saving measures. It means you’re faced with tough negotiations and end up with the lowest corporate rates.

Get direct access to corporate clients with HRS Marketplace

… and create a well-thought-out rate-mix and customised special offers that corporations are unable to resist. HRS Marketplace is a platform that enables you to submit “Blind Bids” featuring your special rates that attract prospective clients in your region. When a company accepts your rate, you benefit from priority bookings throughout all their corporate booking channels. You also benefit from customised competitor analysis reports and the lowest distribution and marketing costs in the industry.

You benefit from

  • Access to travel managers from 120 global corporations
  • A simple and efficient submissions process
  • Exclusive competitor analyses and market intelligence
  • Individual consultancy, with HRS hotel expertise whenever you need it  

Get into HRS Marketplace and get yourself noticed.

Let’s talk digital profit
Digitalisation is transforming the hotel industry. Business travellers are never without their smartphones or android devices for managing business en route. Digital hotel solutions save time, boost efficiency and make for a more pleasant hotel stay and smoother business trip. (Yes, we’re saying it helps to get digital.)



Being available - and bookable - 24/7

… is the only way hotels can align themselves with customer demands and compete in the industry. Corporate travel policy now also demands that business travel reservations are made through corporate-internal booking systems. That’s, Remotely accessible and around the clock?

Become an HRS Smarthotel for efficiency at a price that suits you

HRS installs its self-developed Bluetooth-based App that business travellers can conveniently use at the usual Bluetooth interface and internet access points in hotel receptions. This smart Bluetooth solution is compatible with various providers so you get to keep your existing Property-Management-System, keeping the price of installation and digitalisation friendly, precise, and easy-to- manage. The HRS Smarthotel indicator also makes you more visible – and more clickable on the online hotel list (in whichever time-zone your guests are booking from).

Get started as an HRS Smarthotel and be more bookable

Business travellers expect digital services

… and that’s a tall order with technology moving so fast. It’s all about keeping pace with important new developments at a cost that is transparent and manageable for your business.

Be more digital and meet corporate-business travel needs

As an HRS Smarthotel you become a more attractive business-trip solution for corporate travel managers. HRS Smarthotels enable a range of digital services that business guests look for: guests can open their hotel rooms via Smartphone (no more pocket-patting for that elusive cardkey). And are able to conveniently buy additional services via Smartphone or android at internet access points. Express check-in and check-out solutions make for smoother workflows (that means happy staff and lower costs). And happy guests and satisfied corporate clients – that will book again.

Get more digital and boost your business

A more personalised hotel experience

…makes all the difference to your business guests. Because having all the convenience and comfort of being at home takes the stress out of a business trip. Yes, we’re talking more than a pair of disposable slippers and a complimentary bottle of sparkling water (although these are a nice touch).


Use digital solutions to create a more personalised hotel stay

Your HRS Smarthotel status means you can deliver a more personalised hotel experience for your guests. Use HRS digital solutions to receive special guest requirements before your guests arrive. Greet guests individually, and by name. Stand out for exceptional customer services with digital solutions that will set you apart from competitors. Make guests feel at home and they are sure to book again.

You benefit from

  • Modern digital technology for your hotel and your own customised app
  • More profit through personalised service and additional bookable services
  • A positive and modern hotel image for your guests
  • Smoother workflows
  • Happy, friendlier and less-stressed staff 

    Create a more personal guest-experience to boost your business
Make MICE work for you
MICE bookings are one of the fastest growth markets in the hotel industry. One in every three bookings is related to a meeting, conference or event. MICE-booking practices are changing massively and clients are looking for convenient, standardised, digital solutions. Time for quicker, standardised and transparent processing of your MICE offers? We agree.



Making your MICE offer stand out

…in a stack of fifty eligible submissions takes a little strategy. And a lot of time.  Finding the most suitable, best priced meeting rooms and accommodation for corporate events means filtering through the offers, contacting you for pricing, then waiting several days for hotel offers to come through. No wonder corporate travel managers are screaming out for “more concise, more structured booking processes! – Please!”  (Time to be a hero.)

Host corporate events with HRS Meeting Solutions

HRS offers you direct access to MICE booking queries from large corporate clients. Access everything from small seminars to elaborate product launches. We work with large global travel agencies and a so-called One-Stop-Shop, so your offers get integrated into the company’s online booking tools. Corporate travel managers save time and get a concise overview of targeted offers that are easy to evaluate and compare. And you have low investment costs for a high number of bookings, as only four hotels get selected to submit for every one corporate RFP. (That’s how our Hotel Partners reach corporate clients and become regular venues for their MICE activities.)

Become a corporate MICE venue

Solving the MICE-offer riddle

… is a multifaceted task. Hotels deliver offers in all possible formats. Travel managers have to sort, collate and make spreadsheets to compare offers and select the best one, only to find that the results do not meet corporate requirements. Is it any wonder that companies tend to book hotels that ease their workload…?

Use HRS to standardise your MICE-processing

HRS Meeting Solutions standardises your MICE offers using a specialised online-RFP booking system to compare all available hotels at the click of a button. If your hotel is available for the desired time frame with the number of rooms and meeting capacity, facilities and services required by our corporate client, then corporate customers can finalise the parametres and contact you directly for a quote.

You benefit from

  • Low distribution costs for a high number of bookings
  • Up to 40% more efficiency negotiating corporate rates
  • An easy and concise overview of all your hotels attributes (rooms and meeting room capacity) in one centralised portal  

    Get more MICE-bookings
Make every season high season (with HRS)
Off-season means unfulfilled room potential. Last minute cancellations and quiet periods mean – available room capacity. No tourists and no industry trade-show traffic… You get the idea. Empty rooms and the same high personnel and running costs. We’re telling you there are ways you can keep occupancy rates high. All year round.



Being top-of-the-list for last-minute shoppers

… is a great way to fill rooms at short notice. Business travellers booking short-notice travel are looking at your hotel’s image combined with attractive ‘bargain’ prices. So you need a way for them to notice you among all the other special offers online.

Reach out to impulse shoppers with HRS Deals

HRS Deals and Special Offers are the perfect way to gain attention from this group of customers and enable you to fill your room capacity at short notice. Limited offers and special pricing that is valid for a short time only, are the perfect solution for travellers wanting to find hotel deals to match last minute flights or rescheduled meetings. Use the HRS distribution channel to reach out to this group with targeted advertising and attract new first-time guests that will book again. The best part: you get added planning certainty as these last-minute HRS Deals bookings are subject to a no-cancellation policy.

Get more bookings at short notice

Raising your online-visibility

… is like trying to find a green two-man tent at Glastonbury. Not easy. Clear and accurate hotel descriptions and shiny pictures of conference areas and spa rooms are no longer enough to stand out from your hotel competition. Quality service backed up by genuine hotel ratings and reviews are what it takes to raise your profile in search-engine listings.

Use the HRS Ranking Booster to secure place No. 1, or 2, or even 3

The HRS Ranking Booster enables you a higher position in the hotel list for higher visibility, more clicks and more bookings – and pays for itself several times over. Use the intuitive online tool to adjust your ranking position for a commission fee that you determine and a timeframe that best suits the available capacity of your hotel at any given time.  

Boost your visibility and get more bookings

Corporate clients don’t know who you are (yet)

… and that’s a business dilemma right there. Business travellers are among the most attractive guests for your hotel business: they ensure repeat-bookings that you can easily plan for in advance. They are also high on-trip-spenders, making use of additional hotel services and increasing your hotel bar and restaurant revenues. Large companies often overlook ‘smaller’, individual hotels, when we both know that you would provide an excellent solution to their business-travel-accommodation woes.

Get on the radar with HRS Business-Tariffs

HRS Business-Tariffs offer business travellers a discount on the regular daily, HRS-Group-Rate. Reach out to corporate business travellers with your HRS Business-Tariff to show you are going the extra mile to win their business and the chances of them booking your rates will be much higher. We promote your business throughout all our available booking channels, so you raise your visibility in the HRS Portals. Also benefit from the Corporate Club Rate for a reduced commission of 10% and gain access to 3 000 multinational clients and 10 000 small and medium sized businesses for a full two years.

Use HRS Business-Tariffs to attract more business bookings

You benefit from

Make payment processes easy
Large corporations are always looking for ways to streamline their internal processes and payment and accounts are no exception: virtual credit cards and automated payment solutions are taking the pain out of corporate business-trip planning – and providing you with a great opportunity to stand out from competitors…



Does anyone in the room love

… tackling their accounts after a day at the office - Anyone? Your guests return home to the dreaded aftermath of business-trip expenses. And companies are left with a pile of complicated and time-consuming paperwork and calculations to double-check and sift through… 

Use HRS Virtual Credit Card for painless global payments

HRS Global Payments is a beautiful thing: the client books a room and HRS automatically sends you the expenses form and a Virtual Credit Card with a defined limit and you determine the booking and service parameters to suit it. On check-out, you hand your guest the invoice, and the payment is booked directly with the payment provider. Corporate clients benefit from your simple and convenient payment solution. And you get payment directly and quickly so there is no need for any ugly payment reminders.

Make your payment processes easier for guests and get more bookings

We’d all benefit from clearer invoices

Bills and invoices are a mass of random expenditure. From WiFi, breakfast, and drinks in the hotel lobby, to PayTV for the latest action film … your guests and their corporate employers are unable to tell the ‘what’s business’ from the ‘who cares’.

Cut the chaos with HRS Paperless Travel (and save some trees)

HRS Paperless Travel lists all the relevant invoice entries with their applicable taxes individually. Your corporate clients benefit directly from these detailed overviews that comply with their corporate travel policies. And the process is this easy: when the client books, you get an email or fax with the booking that includes the clients Virtual Credit Card number. Enter this number into the terminal when the client checks out and you’re done. The invoice is sent as a PDF to the given email address. Central Billing makes the process even more convenient: HRS bundles all hotel invoices for a corporate client and sends them directly to the client for further inhouse processing.

Paper-less and cash-less payment systems

… take the pain out of managing employees’ business travel expenses, because collating, checking and booking payments costs companies time and resources. That’s why companies are booking hotels that offer these convenient paper-less and cash-less payment solutions. 

Takes the headache (and processing costs) out of travel expenses

With HRS Virtual Credit Cards and centralised, electronic payment solutions companies are able to put their resources to better use. HRS payment processes are transparent so companies can analyse the data more easily and make data security a top priority. Our Hotel Partners benefit from fast and direct payment and save on admin costs and the postal charges of sending bills. Make your guests’ lives easier (that’s how our HRS Hotel Partners get more bookings).

You benefit from


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