Hotels should integrate the topic of digitisation into their hotel operations. HRS offers solutions.

Travellers want to feel at home on the go – this also applies to the technical facilities in hotels. In order to compete on the market, hotels should integrate the topic of digitisation into their hotel operations. HRS offers solutions.

Digital room facilities

At these days, for many travellers, smartphones, tablets and apps are companions they can’t do without. For this reason their desire for innovations and expertise in the hotel industry is continuously growing. Instead of a room key, business travellers are preferring door opening via smartphone and want to use their mobile device as a remote control too.

​HRS Smarhotel digitises hotels

Based on guests’ digital desires, HRS has developed a technology that makes checking in and out faster and personalises the stay of your guests. The services include express check-in and check-out, mobile payment, digital door opening and the sending of personalised offers for extra services whilst the guest is staying in the hotel, as well as digital guest packs and marketing after their stay (post-stay marketing).To use these services, all that is required is a stable WiFi connection and an iPad at reception.

A more personal hotel experience

By pre-submitting the guest preferences and data by HRS Smarthotel, you can respond to the individual guest requests even before arrival. Your guests will feel like at home – and the probability of a return visit increases. Simplified check-in and check-out also contributes to this – after all, you only need to sign the pre-filled registration form to check in. Payment is made via the app – which saves you time and money. And your personnel now have additional capacity to offer improved customer service. Welcome to the hotel can also be more personal, because HRS Smarthotel users can be immediately identified and greeted by name with guest profiles being visualised when walking in.  As a hotelier, you are classified as a Smarthotel in the HRS hotel list – and you’re guaranteed a higher click-through rate.