Intelligent sourcing

Business travellers are the most desired and valuable guests in all hotels. However, the negotiation process can cost hoteliers and travel managers a lot of time. HRS provides a transparent platform, taking this process to a whole new level.

Rate purchases for the hotel industry

Direct negotiations between travel managers and hotels are becoming less and less frequent: the process of negotiating individual rates with hotels is simply too costly and time-consuming. For this reason, rate negotiations are increasingly being outsourced – for example, to experts such as HRS.

More corporate clients through sourcing

As a global hotel solutions provider, we offer the kind of business process outsourcing solutions that today’s corporations/business travellers expect. Our hotel partners benefit from this know-how as it offers them access to multiple global companies. HRS covers the full service cycle: from hotel sourcing, rate loading and audit, through searching and booking, all the way to payment and expense management. Our hotel sourcing experts constantly match our customers’ requirements and needs with the appropriate suitable hotel portfolio worldwide.

HRS Marketplace: corporates in sight

HRS Marketplace is an easy-to-use platform that easily connects you to corporates around the world. The principle of the programme is simple: with our professional guidance you place anonymous offers, known as ‘blind bids’, to offer special rates targeting the bundled potential of companies in your area. If a company accepts your offer according to their selection criteria (i.e. quality, price and/or location), you will become an approved contract hotel for that company and benefit from direct preference across all customer booking channels.
You will also benefit from exclusive competition analysis and market intelligence information, as well as tailored advice.
All that at the industry’s lowest cost of distribution and customer acquisition.