Payment Solutions

Payment and billing processes in the hotel industry are currently undergoing changes driven by corporate customers. HRS has the right solutions to optimise the relevant processes at your hotel.

Virtual credit cards and automatic billing are becoming indispensable for business travel. HRS has the right solutions to optimise the relevant processes at your hotel.

Competitive advantage for participating hotels

For many business travellers, payment is one of the pain points when planning their overnight stays. HRS offers payment solutions based on virtual credit cards, which are becoming increasingly sought-after among corporate customers. Hotels benefit from faster receipt of payments, safer and more convenient settlement of bills using virtual credit cards, and a reduction in manpower costs incurred through invoicing and accounts receivable.

Digitised invoicing via virtual credit card

  • Global Payment: Business travellers can make cashless payments via virtual credit cards. The principle: as soon as a corporate client books a room, HRS sends the hotel a reimbursement form and the virtual credit card with a 16-digit credit card number, security code and expiry date. A credit limit is already set for the traveller at the time of booking. When they come to check out, the hotel issues an invoice for accounting purposes and the actual payment is directly processed through the payment service provider. This way you can be certain that payments are credited faster.
  • Paperless Travel: By adding Paperless Travel to your service portfolio, you gain valuable capacity in your day-to-day routines and save money on administration and postage. Your corporate clients’ accounts department also benefits from simplified processes. The principle: Corporate customers have the option of itemising the hotel bill and digitising its contents completely. The process for hotels is equally straightforward: you will receive a fax or email with a virtual credit card number together with the booking. At check-out, this number must be entered into the system. The PDF of the invoice is then sent to a given email address.
  • Central Billing: With Central Billing, accounting will be even more efficient: HRS consolidates all hotel bills for a corporate client and sends a collective invoice.

    Watch our HRS Payment Tutorial to find out more about the handling of Virtual Credit Cards: