Por meio de ofertas e campanhas, os hotéis podem oferecer uma combinação individual de tarifas e se colocar no radar de possíveis clientes.

Além de um site informativo, a satisfação e disponibilidade, o preço e os principais rankings de busca são critérios de reserva importantes para os clientes em potencial. Por meio de acordos e campanhas, os hotéis podem oferecer uma combinação individual de tarifas e se colocar no radar de possíveis clientes.


Ranking Booster: higher rankings

Hotels that stay at the top of the list get the highest share of clicks and bookings. The Ranking Booster is a marketing tool on the public HRS Hotel Service Portal, offering you the opportunity to react immediately to your current booking status.

The principle behind the Ranking Booster is simple and works like many similar programs in the industry: in exchange for additional commission, you can use a convenient tool to select how many positions you want your hotel to climb in the HRS hotel list. The commission charged is limited according to your individual needs, and is entirely at your discretion. Furthermore, you can decide on selected time periods for ‘boosting’, and you also have the option of deactivating the feature in the meantime.
The Ranking Booster gives you a higher ranking on the HRS hotel list, directly helping generate more turnover, and often repaying the invested marketing costs many times over, with a calculable, success-based cost model with maximum flexibility.

Business tariffs

Attractive offers for business travellers can be rewarding –business tariffs can help you acquire corporate clients who could become regular guests.

Corporate Discount attracts corporate clients

With Corporate Discount you can offer business travellers a discount on the HRS Group price currently available to the public. This is a great way of showing corporate customers and business travellers that you’re interested in their business, thereby significantly increasing your chances of getting in the game. Another plus: highlighting the business tariff on HRS portals increases the visibility of your hotel, thus leading to a higher conversion rate. We will also advertise your offer in HRS Group marketing and PR activities, via both internal and external channels.
Please remember: the more attractive your Corporate Discount, the more you stand out from your competition. The attractiveness of your offer can significantly influence customers’ decision-making when choosing from multiple hotels in your destination.

Corporate Club Rate for select hotel partners

The Corporate Club Rate is a tariff for a fixed period of two years. It may include additional benefits and has a reduced commission of 10 per cent. The Corporate Club Rate gives you access to 3000 multinational companies, as well as tens of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses. Of course, bookings are only allowed for registered and verified business customers. Incidentally, your directly negotiated company net rates remain unaffected.

Deals and campaigns

Last-minute travellers not only pay attention to a hotel’s appearance, but also to its price. HRS Deals and campaigns enable hotels to efficiently address this target group.

HRS Deals: additional bookings in a matter of seconds

 Limited offers and booking periods appeal greatly to last-minute travellers. To ensure that the deals are completed as quickly as possible, HRS provides strong and highly visible promotions on all channels for the right target groups. Each completed deal gives your hotel more planning certainty as the bookings are guaranteed and cannot be cancelled at short notice. And best of all, if your HRS Deals guests enjoy their hotel stay, they are highly likely to book again as repeat customers, this time paying the regular price.

Hot Deals: planning certainty

This offer enables you to advertise reduced rates during slow periods, with the option of a percentage discount or a fixed price, both at a very attractive level. To ensure your offer won’t be overlooked by potential guests, your hotel will be tagged with a ‘Hot Deal’ logo in the hotel list. How do you benefit? As this rate is non-cancellable, you enjoy planning certainty during the deal period and the prospect of returning guests paying the regular price in the future.